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8 - Goal Oriented Treatment EJCO
Goal Oriented Treatment
AUTHOR: Domingo Martin
English abstract
My treatment philosophy is characterized by clearly defined treatment goals. This helps with diagnosis and improves the quality and stability of the end result. The objective is to establish an ideal occlusion with good facialesthetics and an orthopedic stable joint position. The philoso- phy can be summarized in four steps. Step one: making surethat we have an orthopedic stable position. This is importantfor good diagnosis and a correct treatment plan. Step 2: plac- ing the back teeth in the correct three-dimensional position tokeep the mandible in this same position and place the occlusion in the correct vertical dimension. Step three: placing the frontteeth correctly, once again three dimensionally for good func- tion and esthetics. By following this sequence the fourth step isachieved, namely that of facial esthetics. The concluding situa- tion thus represents the best possible combination of esthetics,function and orthopedically stable mandible position. Keywords Functional Occlusion, Skeletal Anchorage, Vertical Control

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