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The Stop and Go concept: Efficiency in aligner treatment - featured
The Stop and Go concept: Efficiency in aligner treatment
AUTHOR: Guillem Farrés, Javier Aznar, Pablo Arías-Camisón, Anna Andrzejewska, Alberto Canábez, Domingo Martín
English abstract
This article examines the innovative Stop and Go concept in aligner treatment planning, an important aspect of the Functional and Cosmetic Excellence Aligner System (Forestadent, Pforzheim, Germany). This approach sets a predetermined control point during treatment at which to reassess the patient’s progress as a reference for fabricating the following phase of aligners. It offers several benefits, namely the need for fewer aligners, shorter treatment time, improved tracking and more predictable finishing, and is also environmentally friendly. Guidelines for planning the Stop and Go phase during treatment are based on intra-treatment analysis of the evolution of the planned treatment design. In cases where it is necessary to modify the original treatment plan, change the aligner material, improve tracking, modify attachments and place or remove occlusal stops, Stop and Go is highly advan- tageous. Its use is suggested by the treatment planner based on the complexity and type of correction required; if neces- sary, however, the orthodontist has the freedom to decide the optimal time at which to introduce the Stop and Go phase based on treatment progress. In conclusion, Stop and Go is an important concept in both moderate and complex cases, for improved efficiency and treatment outcomes.

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