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We share with you our cases treated with the FACE philosophy. The FACE way of doing orthodontics is always in reaching excellence. It’s our priority. However, we do not underestimate the importance of a thorough diagnosis and we are sure that excellent results always depend on a correct diagnosis. FACE is about excellence, function, and esthetics.

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1st International FAS Aligner Event in Barcelona​

Barcelona, April 05 – 06, 2024

La Llotja de Mar will host the 1st International FAS Aligner Event. This groundbreaking event showcases an orthodontic innovation: an aligner system tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Attendees will learn about revolutionary methods that challenge traditional approaches and emphasize conscious, sustainable orthodontics.

Educational sessions will provide professionals with practical knowledge on how to enhance treatment outcomes and strategies for collaboration among different dental specialties. Additionally, the functionality and excellence of aligners in invisible treatments will be explored.

The event will conclude with an exclusive dinner at the splendid Bell Recó estate, a jewel of Catalan architecture, providing the perfect backdrop for idea exchange and networking in a setting of significant historical and cultural value.