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Türkan Nadire Yesil 29.09.22

Hello dear FACE friends.

Here is a case that again shows us the importance of DIAGNOSIS. This patient came to our office with complaining that sth going wrong with her teeth. She went many dentists and they all said that nothing wrong with her but she feels this very strongly. When we started to ask, she said she has no pain in TMJ, no pain in masticatory muscles. When we looked at her mouth, we saw tooth wear and abfractions and then asked detaily and had some more clues about orthopedic instability. So it was decided to start with splint therapy. After splint therapy, we decided to get extracted 14, 34 and 44 to have symmetric occlusion and proper overbite, overjet. Because she had already lost 24 before. We also warned her about prothetic rehabilitation after ortho; because of tooth wear and abfractions. She said she will think about it but not in a good condition because of economic things. We tried our best. At last you could see in modjaw records that we achieved a good protrusion that no touch in posterior teeth and repeatable and in arc of closure open close and centric relation. Nice to see this with these records.

Greetings from Turkey☺️

Featured clinical cases

A good result is always preceded by a good diagnosis and ours, are exhaustive. Orthodontics cannot be understood without taking into account the entire ectomatognathic system; teeth are just one of all the structures to consider.

FACE International meeting

It’s so nice to announce our FACE Revolution International Meeting. After a break of almost 18 months, we are again very excited about organizing the next FACE Revolution Meeting.

We are preparing it with great care and enthusiasm. You can’t imagine our desire to meet our friends and have a face-to-face meeting. The screens and online courses are fine, but there is nothing like gathering, enjoying the friendship and seeing each other again.
I want to thank you very much for your patience, since we had to postpone the meeting twice, but trust us it was worth the wait.

We hope to see you in Madrid and do not forget that “treatment mechanics is still the key to success for excellent orthodontics: with or without aligners”.