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Paper language: English
The key factors to finishing with excellence
AUTHOR: Martin Salvador, D; Goenaga Echevestre, P; Aznar Arraiz, J; Arias Camisón Lilly, P; Canabez Berthet, A.
English abstract
The reason for writing this article, was because everywhere I go around the world to lecture the question I get most often asked is ¿how do you finish a case? what tricks and what secrets do you have to finish a case? Finishing I realized was what everyone wanted to know. Before I start I want to say that there are no secrets or tricks in finishing, there are simply guidelines. However, before explaining the guidelines, I have to insist that the most important aspect when it comes to finishing is the desire to want to reach excellence when finishing a case.This takes time and effort and so the second question is ¿are you willing to dedicate time and effort to finishing. The desire for excellence must be part of your treatment goal. Finishing, is not easy, but it is not impossible, you simply have to dedicate time, desire and effort to achieve it and finally, follow some basic rules. These rules consist in always starting with the transverse problem, then dealing with the vertical component (my God, how important this is and how little importance ii is given) and finally, the anterior posterior relationship. My teacher and mentor Dr. Roth, always said that to finish a case to excellence, you had to finish the lower arch first and then the upper arch, or at least always be one step ahead in the lower arch. This advice contains a large amount of the logic and we will talk about this in our article. Another important aspect is the treatment objectives. The objectives have to be both functional and aesthetic and this is another aspect that we are going to cover in this article. Excellent finishing consists of achieving aesthetics and function. As the saying goes "beauty is short lived" and I would add, that function is fundamental for stability and longevity. Our goal must be to create stable cases over time and, above all, long lasting cases. In this article, we are going to explain all the aspects that we consider fundamental to finish a case to excellence. We will also give many illustrated examples and guidelines that we feel are important to achieve excellence in finishing. At the end of the article, we will present a fully detailed case where many aspects developed throughout the article have been taken into account in order to obtain an excellent final result.

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