Javier Aznar Arraiz 11.01.2023

I am Javier Aznar, an orthodontist at the Martin Goenaga clinic in San Sebastian. Today I present a case of a severe dolichofacial patient with a complete open bite treated with posterior miniplates and anterior microscrews. The case has been treated successfully thanks to mandibular autorotation which is responsible for the closing of her open bite. In addition to having achieved a significant improvement of facial esthetics,the case remains stable over time, having achieved orthopedic stability with our treatment. Many thanks to Dr. Domingo Martin for instilling in me every day the constant search for excellence in orthodontics and to Dr. Irina Gergel from Ukraine who has helped me in the preparation of the case that I show you. I look forward to seeing you all at the FACE congress in Bucharest, which will undoubtedly be the congress of the year. www.face2023.com

Domingo Martin 8.07.22

Today I present an interdisciplinary case I started in 2006. The patient presented a Clsss II,severe overbite and agenesis of 12 and 22.He was treated in first phase with extractions of 14 and 24 to compensate for the arch length discrepancy.We then waited for the permanent dentition and then started the second phase of treatment.Once this was achieved the case was finished with composite retorations for the final esthetic result by Dr Aner Usarraga.