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A comprehensive
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Welcome to FACE Revolution!
Our website is designed to share the FACE philosophy with you and also the news about our group.

Advanced orthodontics

Our philosophy is based on understanding that orthodontics is much more than just treating teeth!

We focus on all aspects of the stomatognathic system.When diagnosing we take into account each one of the goals that are so important to us. It is for this reason that we diagnose with all records available to us today (2D,3D and 4D).

Our orthodontics is a real REVOLUTION since it focuses in achieving all the goals. Thanks to this desire to diagnose and obtain all the goals is what leads us to EXCELLENCE in ORTHODONTICS

Continuing education in FACE

XI Forestadent Symposium

Italy 30 September – 2 October

Dear Doctor Our FORESTADENT Symposium is now a well-established tradition. We thought long and hard about a suitable location for our eleventh annual event. We were looking for a location known for its history and traditions, and decided on a city offering almost 3000 years of art history, architecture and culture. Rome – the eternal city.

We have found beautiful venues and an excellent conference centre, which we know will make the eleventh FORESTADENT Symposium a unique event. You can look forward to two days of exchanging experiences with colleagues, and to ex- perts who are ready to share their knowledge.

So make sure you note the dates of the eleventh FORESTADENT Symposium in your diary: 30 September – 2 October 2021. We‘re looking forward to seeing you! Yours sincerely

Stefan Foerster

Featured clinical cases

Seeking excellence is always our priority.

We want to share with you cases treated with the FACE philosophy. The FACE way of doing orthodontics is always in search of excellence. It is our priority!

However, we do not underestimate the importance of a thorough diagnosis and we are sure that excellent results always depend on a correct diagnosis. FACE is about excellence, function, and esthetics.